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Most frequent questions and answers

Timings for 2022 are likely to be as follows (subject to change):The gates to the arena open at 1pm on Friday and 11am on Saturday.

Big Top stages will start at approx. 1.00 p..m Music will start on the main stage at approx. 5pm on Friday and 2.00 p.m Saturday. The music on the main stage will end at around 10:45pm on both days, but the Dance Tents will continue until later in the evening. More information regarding running order and timings will be available in due course. The campsite will be open from Friday at midday and will close at midday on Sunday.

NO. Only plastic 500ml bottles containing water or soft drinks will be allowed into the arena. Absolutely no glass.
Baby food will be allowed into the arena, just please make sure it is in plastic containers.
Unfortunately dogs are not allowed anywhere on site apart from assistance dogs. No other pets will be allowed. This is a condition of our Public Entertainment Licence.
We hope you won’t want to, and we try to ensure you won’t need to. However, everyone entering the site will be issued with a wrist band and they will need to show this if they wish to leave and re-enter the site at any time.

The festival is all standing, and it is not possible to book seats, or to bring bulky furniture into the arena.

You may bring a small folding chair, although this will need to be stacked away after it becomes dark to prevent this becoming a safety hazard.

Unfortunately this is NOT allowed.


Most frequent questions and answers
You will need to print out the confirmation for the on-line ticket purchase and bring this along on the day as this will be exchanged for a wristband at the entrance.

Tickets are non-refundable, however transferable. The non-transferable rule is in place to help us stamp out organised touting.

Children aged 4 and under are free of charge but do need a ticket so that we can keep track of total numbers to make sure that we keep within our license.  Children 4 and under will also be ‘wrist-banded’ on arrival at the festival.

It is unlikely that there will be tickets for sale on the gate at this years event.

Disabled Facilities

Most frequent questions and answers
We try to make the festival as accessible as possible to those with special needs. The car park will have a disabled area marked out which be the closest area that we can arrange to the arena entrance.There will be a disabled toilet facility in the arena, which is also accessible from the campsite. If you have particular needs, get in touch with us in advance and we’ll do our best to help.


Most frequent questions and answers

If you are a weekend with camping (or quieter camping) ticket holder you can camp for one night or two, but the standard weekend camping charge applies. Go to the Venue page for more information. Camping is only available to full weekend ticket holders.The campsite will be open from Friday 19th August at 11am until Sunday 21st August at midday, and you can arrive and leave on whichever day you choose. The cost for camping is the same however many nights you stay for.

No. your car will remain in the car park.
Unfortunately in previous years other festivals have found that some people have purchased a day ticket (the cheapest option) and camped for the maximum amount of time and causing trouble on the campsite while others are enjoying the music in the main arena. By restricting camping to full weekend ticket holders only, we are cutting down the chances of trouble on the campsites and therefore making the camping experience more comfortable, safe, and generally more pleasurable for everyone.

You will need to buy weekend tickets for each person attending, and then a camper van pass for your vehicle. Campervan pitches will be 6m x 7.5m and you will need to keep your vehicle and any tents/awnings within this space. If your vehicle’s measurements exceed this pitch size in any way, please DO NOT purchase a Campervan Permit – you will need to email: with the subject Gratitude Festival Oversized Campervan”.

We will then confirm a price based on the actual vehicle size and reserve the right to disallow vehicles that we think might be inappropriate for the site. If your campervan/awning/tent goes beyond your pitch size, you will be asked to remove your campervan or take down your awning/tent. For more information regarding camper vans, please see the Venue page.

Yes, but you will need to purchase a campervan pass in addition to your weekend with camping tickets (as above) and comply with the rules regarding campervan permits and pitch sizes. For more information, please see The Venue page.

No, we do not provide electrical hook ups for campervans.
Unfortunately no, this is NOT permitted.
No, you. Will need to purchase this in advance.

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